Clinical Publications for Tixel

In the USA, Tixel® has FDA clearance for resurfacing on all skin types.*

The Neck Doesn’t Lie: Tixel is the Safe and Low-risk option for treatment of wrinkles in the neck area

Arna Shab, Manuela Lisandru, Catharina Shab

Key Findings:

√ In the past the neck is usually difficult, but responded nicely with Tixel

√ Pleasant side effect that vitiligo areas began to re-pigment

Fractional treatment of aging skin with Tixel, a clinical and histological evaluation

Monica Elman, Nathalie Fournier, Gilbert Barneon, Eric Bernstein, Gary Lask

Key Findings:

√ Unlike CO2, epidermis is preserved

√ No analgesia nor cooling, yet low pain and low downtime

√ High patient satisfaction and wrinkle attenuation

Fractional treatment of Tissue with an Oscillatory Array of High temperature rods

Gary Lask, Monica Elman, Nathalie Fournier, Michael Slatkine

Key Findings:

√ Tixel produces same tissue effects as devices that cost much more

√ Tixel has lower pain

Wound Healing Process after Thermo-mechanical Skin Treatment

Giorgios Kokolaidis, Leonie von Grawert, Martina Ulrich, Juergen Lademann, Torsten Zuberbier, Maja A. Hofman

Key Findings:

√ Confocal laser scanning microscopy (in vivo) confirmed faster healing than fractional CO2, ErYAG, Bipolar RF, and HIFU

Thermo-mechanical Fractional Injury: Therapy for Facial Rejuvenation in Skin Types II to V

Danny Daniely, Harryono Judodihardjo, Sajjad F. Rajpar, Joseph N. Mehrabi, Ofir Artzi

Key Findings:

√ All parameters improved

√ Tixel has lower pain, short downtime, and fast healing

A New Approach to Treatment of Pediatric Hypertrophic Burn Scars

Ofirt Artzi, Amir Koren, Roni Niv, Joseph N. Mehrabi, Jacob Mashiah, Or Friedman

Key Findings:

√ Tixel is relatively painless (1.7 / 10)

√ All quantitative scores improved (toughness, thickness, color, general aesthetics, and VSS)

The Scar Bane without the Pain: A New Approach to Treatment of Elevated Scars

Ofirt Artzi, Amir Koren, Roni Niv, Joseph N. Mehrabi

Key Findings:

√ Tixel can eliminate the need for painful injections

√ Vancouver Scar Scale improved with low pain

Enhanced percutaneous delivery of Beta-blockers using thermal resurfacing system for topical treatment of infantile hemangiomas

Jacob Mashiah, MD, Efrat Bar-Ilan, MD, Amir Koren, MD, Or Friedman, MD, Eyal Zur, RPh, Ofir Artzi, MD

Key Findings:

√ Enhanced delivery versus oral

√ Safe on pediatric patients

√ Patients improved up to 90%

Treatment of Port Wine Stain with Tixel-induced Rapamycin delivery following pulsed dye laser application

Ofir Artzi, Joseph N. Mehrabi, Lee Heyman, Or Friedman, Jacob Mashiah

Key Findings:

√ Significantly better results

√ Can reduce number of sessions

√ No adverse effects

A Novel treatment for Refractory Erythema and Flushing Rosacea

Or Friedman, Amir Koren, Roni Shiv, Joseph N. Mehrabi, Ofir Artzi

Key Findings:

√ Increased permeability by many orders of magnitude

√ Blinded reviewers and Patient scores significantly improved

Thermo-mechanical (TMA)-Assisted Photodynamic Therapy for Treatment of Acne Vulgaris

Yuval Hilerowicz, Or Friedman, Eyal Zur, Roni Shiv, Amir Koren, Fares Salameh

Key Findings:

√ Reduced downtime & sessions

√ Scores improved significantly and continued to improve

Tixel for Crow’s Feet, Wrinkes, and Dry Eye Disease

Erik L. Mertens, Ludger Hanneken, Debarum Dutta, Marisa Martins Armada, Sunil Shah

Key Findings:

√ No need for intraocular shields nor anesthesia

√ Treatment time = 2 minutes

√ 3 Tixel treatments yielded better OSDI, NITBUT, and SPEED scores versus 4-5 IPL treatments

* Findings in these clinical publications do not indicate that Tixel has specific indications in the USA.