We are proud to launch with 15 peer-reviewed publications that validate Tixel’s patented and proprietary TMA(Thermo-Mechanical Action™)

Basic anatomy

  • By knowing where the 3 different nerve receptors are located and how they work, Tixel® was designed to avoid “triggering” them.   Therefore, Tixel treatments can be performed with little or no anesthesia.
  • Understanding wound care, we know that an “open crater” is a possible site for post-treatment infection.   Instead, Tixel’s thermo-mechanical action (TMA) leaves the stratum cornea (uppermost layer) intact to act like a “bio-compatible dressing”.

Tixel Spherical Heat Wave

Superficial heat with Deep effects

  • The proprietary Titanium pyramids touch only a tiny area of the skin
  • As the Tixel activates very briefly, a uniform spherical heat wave radiates outward and downward.
  • The volume of each micro-thermal zone can be multiple times greater than other technologies (such as RF microneedling), yet is still fractional to provide faster healing with low/no side effects.

Happy patients

Every patient is unique.  Tixel gives you a wide range of resurfacing options.

  • Some people want to take 2-3 baby steps.   Tixel can be used on a series of extremely gentle treatments, which have cumulative affects (akin to 1927nm lasers).
  • Other people prefer a “one and done” treatment.  Tixel can provide highly impressive resurfacing in a single treatment (similar to CO2 lasers) .

Tixel, Thermo-Mechanical Action, and TMA are trademarks of Novoxel, Ltd.