Eyes, eyelid hooding, eye laxity/crepiness, crow’s feet, etc.

Click and hold the slider bar (in the center of a picture) and drag left/right to see before and after effects*

4 weeks after 1 treatment (photo courtesy of  Nadine Cotte, WOW Studios Düsseldorf”)

Crow's feet with Tixelcrow's feet with Tixel

Eyelid hooding — 4 weeks after 3 treatments

Crow’s Feet and Laxity — After 4 treatments

Periorbital laxity and hooding — After 2 treatments

Periorbital with TixelPeriorbital with Tixel

Laxity below eyes — After 2 treatments

Periorbital Laxity (after 2 tx with 12/600)

Hooding/Ptosis of eyes and periorbital wrinkles — 3 weeks after 2nd treatment

3 weeks after 2nd Tx
* Please note that some of the results are from international usage of Tixel prior to entry in the USA.
In the USA, Tixel has FDA clearance for resurfacing on all skin types.