About Us

Finding Needles in Haystacks

Sometimes we get a lucky break

Over the years, we have literally travelled millions of miles to search the globe for solutions for medical providers.  Occasionally, we come upon a technology that is perfect for the USA market.

However, most systems do not have sufficient regulatory and/or clinical data to get cleared by the US FDA.   We sometimes spend years performing studies and tweaking the systems until we have the data to show that the device is both safe AND effective.

Back to the Drawing Board

Other times, we are NOT so lucky

Back to the drawing board

More often, the technology has an “issue” — whether it is safety, effectiveness, or problems with Intellectual Property.  In those cases, we may have to go back to the engineers to re-design a better solution.

In some cases, we have to invent new solutions.  (We hold multiple patents.)   Whatever is needed, we won’t rest until we have the “right” device… especially in terms of safety and efficacy.

Persistence Pays Off

Watching it Blossom

Once everything is in place, we launch to the world of medicine — for the betterment of physicians, clinicians, and patients.   There is nothing like sweet success after a challenging journey.   However, despite all the hard work, there is no time to rest because we need to move forward on the next adventure.

Our team successfully launched 34 medical devices to the USA market.  These devices generated over $350 million in their first-year revenues and many are still the leading brand in their space.    What’s next?  Tixel!

Persistence pays off